Friday, July 11, 2008

last blog in costa rica

so im at school right now and its break. I have 2 hours left of school in costa rica. its really fun but im glad to be coming home soon. Today we went to Poas Volcano and it was so pretty. Our guide Umberto told us we were very lucky to see the crater and the water. He has gone up 4 times and has never been able to see it. We got a very good workout too! Tonight we go to a Country Club where we get to swim and ice skate and all that stuff. Should be very fun! Tomorrow is a free day and I dont know what im going to do yet but it should be very exciting. We leave very early sunday morning and then I should be home! I am having a great time down and here and I know I will miss it when I get home. I love everyone and miss u all!

xoxox kailee

P.S. Happy Late Birthday Aunt Lisa!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

lots to remember

here we go. ok so fourth of july. we headed off to Cafe Britt where i bought lots of stuff. The tour was really fun because it was like a little show with actors and stuff. Lunch was at Cafe Britt and it was very organic food but definitley way better then beans and rice..which im happy to say i havent had in awhile. It was our last day of school with Karla because this week we changed teachers. Our new teacher is Yansy. Shes pretty nice. All day there was talking on the bus about a high school dance that some of the girls were invited to. It sounded really fun so we all decide to go after school. It was definitley a really fun expereince. When we got there no one was dancing, instead they were all sitting on the bleachers. After awhile everyone was dancing and we all had a lot of fun. They played salsa music and thats when mostly everyone went and sat down, but all of us girls learned salsa at school in Monteverde so we found some guys who knew salsa dancing and we danced. It was really fun. We went home pretty early and ya that was my fourth of july!!

Ok so the next day we left pretty early for the beach. We drove and pretty much we all passed out on the bus until we made our first stop at this bridge. We stopped because if u walk across this brgide and look over the side you can almost always see crocodiles. We saw like 18! it was very cool. Some of them were huge. We drove the rest of the way and went over two other bridges that were made like 100 years ago out of just wood. It was creepy, but we made it. Our hotel was beautiful and me and kelsey roomed together. As soon as we got there, we all put on our swimsuits and headed to the pool. Which was very pretty. We went out for dinner way later and tried to suprise bailey with a birthday cake, because it was her birthday. She was not suprised, but she enjoyed it. When we all went home, we layed in bed and watched tv and all passed out. The next morning we all had breakfast and then headed to the beach. It was the most amazing part of the trip. The water was warm enough to swim in and we found crabs, monkeys and lizards. FUN FUN FUN! After the beach we drove all the way back home to Heredia. Kate, Kelsey and I went to the park after we got home and hung out and talked to these really young kids about costa rica and stuff. Then we all went home and I had macaronni and cheese for dinner, with doritos! so yummy.

Today was our tour of San Jose. It was so beautiful and we saw this theatre and all the other cool buildings. They have the painted cows here like we have in the US. Everything was totally cool today. We went to school and met our new teacher and played games and talked. Im started to feel a cold coming on and im kinda like the last one to get it. It sucks but i just need sleep and ya!

Hope everyone is having fun. Only a few more days left! xoxo

Thursday, July 3, 2008

not much to say

Well yesteraday we went to the finca de mariposas, or the butterfly farm. As soon as we got there my camera was awesome haha. Everyone else took lots of pictures so ill end up with some pictures of all the butterflies. School went pretty good and we had cooking class where we made some tortilla thing. In class we also got to make marshmellows covered in condensed milk and coconut. It was interesting. After we went to the movies!! it was so much fun, we saw kung fu panda in spanish and we all understood it. Crazy thing too, we saw Liz Mitchell, a girl that we all went to junior high with. She goes to St. Marys now and is down here helping out. It was soooo random. Everything went super fabulous last night until i got home. I made kate watch me open my gate to my house and then she left once i got in. But i still had to open the front door. It would not open, I tried like a million times no joke. Finally i had to go and knock on my mama ticas room. It was funny cause I knew it would freak her out and I felt bad. But i got in!!

This morning I woke up at 5 am to the rooster. It was so early and I really wasnt able to go back to bed..which was awesome. We went and helped out at a school today for really unfortunate kids. I was paired with two boys named christopher. They were very cute, one was 5 and the other was 10. Weplayed games and sang songs but it was sad to think about what they would do when we left. I drew the little christoper a picture and he loved it and carried it around. Soon we left and headed to school. Today at school was soo fun. We talked about a lot of stuff and then our teacher told us she was 2 months pregnant!!! it was soo cute. She told us to not tell any of the other teachers cause she doesnt want them to know.

These next few days should be awesome. Tomorrow we go to Cafe Britt and then this weekend we go to the beach!! I cant wait im so exctied. Hope everyone is having funn times. I miss you all xoxox

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


hey everyone!!
first off, mom and dad i have a library book with me that needs to be renewed. haha i forgot to do it before i left and today is the day its due. i have been having trouble getting on blogspot and google for the past few days. and todays the first time i could tell you. Also kelsey and i were looking at the dance team schedule and im wondering how much of that am i going to be able to do. I love you!

Ok so to the real stuff...The last time i wrote was before our trip to Arenal. The hotel was awesome and we had so much fun. The hotel had all these cool hot spring type pools and they had two water slides. Then at night we went to an actual hot springs swim park. So awesome and dinner was a buffet. I don´t want to complain but i am getting tired of beans and rice. So then the next morning we woke up pretty early and walked down like 500 stairs to a beautiful waterfall. we swam and just hung out. There is no reason to worry that were going to be out of shape when we get back, we have done so much walking everywhere. We checked out of our hotel and headed for heredia. It took a really long time but we got here and its awesome.
My family is awesome, i almost feel like i am at home in oregon. Both my parents work a lot but theyre home when I need them. The kids love their mickey and minnie mouse dolls and they liked their t-shirts. I ended up giving the little girl the minnie mouse dress...she loves it, all yesterday she wore it. The family has wo dogs and one of them just had puppies. Very Cute! My room is pretty small, but there are no bugs and i LOVE it. I get frosted flakes every morning and its yummy. School is interesting but im learning and i like it. Yesterday we went on a boat tour and we saw crocodiles, a sloth, and many birds and monkeys. I tried to write in my blog yesterday but the website wouldn´t work for me. Lo siento. Every night goes really well i eat, watch the news, bathe and then lay in bed and read till i pass out. Tomorrow we go to a butterfly garden. Which bailey admitted to today that she is afraid of butterflies. This is pretty funny because when we were doing the canopy tour we all were saying how scared we were and she told us to rationalize our fears. This is typical bailey haha. Now were telling her she needs to reationalize her fears of butterflies. After that we go to school and then we have a cooking class. I wont be using the computer tomorrow because it will be really dark for us to be walking arounf heredia but maybe the next day i will have time.

I love everyone and miss you all so much. Im almost ready to come home!
xoxo kailee

Thursday, June 26, 2008

another day

heey everyone. after i blogged last night I went home and no one was there. It seems to happen a lot with us students so I wasn't very suprised. I went over to rachaels house and worked on homework with her family. She lives with a grandma and grandpa so her house is full of people. Last night we did homework in the kitchen while her mom cooked. This boy named Michael helped Rachael and a little boy named andre helped me with my homework. We had dinner and talked about a lot of random stuff. Michael is in highschool so he knows english a little bit and can understand us when we talk english...which is not often. Then I went home and my family still wasn't home. I waited for 15 minutes and finally they came home. The whole family had gone to mama ticas sisters house and worked all night helping out with some stuff. I stayed up and watched CSI with them and it was very fun.
I had to leave the house this morning at 6:30 a.m. It was so early and I didn't get very much sleep last night. We went on a hike and it was very fun. We saw Arenal which is a active volcano in Costa Rica. We are going there this weekend. We saw a lot of insects and when we first got there we saw this warthog looking animal called a saino. Look it up on google, it is the most disgusting animal ever. It followed us around and the guides told us his name was Charlie. People were petting it like a dog. I have some pictures hah it was weird. We saw monkey throw up but no monkeys. It was really fun and im so excited to stay the night in a hotel this weekend because my room in Monteverde is full of bugs hah its no fun.
I bought a hammock! and i also bought salsa, coffee and postcards. So far I really have spent a lot of money. I really like being down here and I look forward to spending time with another family in Heredia and meeting all the people there. In Monteverde a lot of families are interrealted. Like Rachael's family many of the cousins live just down the street.

Everything is awesome here and I miss everyone!
xoxo love kailee

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


today we went horseback riding and it was so awesome. we went all the way to a hot springs and it was next to a river. We all jumped in the river and it was so awesomeeeee. It was very windy last night in costa rica and my room is the second story of my house and it kept me up all night. Im having a great time and when I figure out how to reply to the comments I will hahaha. Im in a hurry so I will write later!

xoxox love you all very much

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hola from costa rica.

HEY!! I made it to costa rica safe and i have been having a lot of fun. I got sick on the plane ride....hah it was almost really bad. but no worries. My family is okay. The dad does not seem like he cares to talk. The mom is very nice and so are the kids. The three year old mumbles his spanish but his parents seem to understand. Haha i dont so I just nod my had and say yes. If i understood the daughter right, they have had 26 exchange students like me. kinda crazyyy. Today we went on a canopy tour and wow it was amazing. Im very excited to download all my pictures when I get home. I miss everyone very much but I am having an amazing time here. It is so pretty and everyday we do something amazingly cool. We have school everyday except on the weekends and my class consits of me, kelsey, kate and bailey. Its the dance team class and our teacher loves to dance! So the first night I was here my family left me at home while they went to a birthday party down the street. My mom thought I was going to sleep but I was not tired at all. Rachael came over to my house and picked me up. She had one of her fmaily members with her. His name is Juan Carlos and he is eight years old. He is awesome. He corrects my spanish when I am not talking right and he is so funny. He likes to joke around and teach me and Rachael more spanish. This morning I had cookies and a mango for breakfast. Very Good. Tomorrow we go horseback riding which is very exciting and we go swimming in the hotsprings. The people here are awesome and there are animals everywhere! When we walk on the streets we have to be careful because down here, pedestrians do not have the right of way. I am having a lot of fun and I am so glad i have so much more time down here. I dont know what im going to do when i get home and i dont have a planned schedule. By the way the computer im using is made for spanish speaking people and that is why im having trouble typing well. Ok well its time for me to get off the computer but i will try and check it sometime before thursday when we come to town again. Kates familia owns a resturant and they have a computer. I will see. Hope everyone is having fun and I miss you all!

xoxo love kailee!!

p.s. with the luck I have, the mosiquitos or ants have given me 6 bug bites. My room has huge ants haha